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Some of the original Drag Classic paintings are still available!  
These paintings were originally produced for display at Drag Racing Events and Custom Car Shows.
Each measures 20" x 30" and are hand painted artworks on black showcard.
Each original is handsigned and will be rolled for shipping                                                 ..... each $119.00
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red prowler stone
Painted Stone are hand painted (airbrushed) artworks on flat stone and slate.

The art is painted using artists acrylics and sealed with a protective clearcoat.
Most pieces come with a simple display stand for easy placement.

Designs are sometimes reproduced in quantity but each stone is an original work of art  
as each stone is individually handpainted  and completely unique. 

Because of the size, weight and fragility of the stone artworks, they must be very carefully
packaged for shipping and properly insured.  Shipping prices will vary based on your location.
Please contact me with your shipping address for an exact price.

The Plymouth Prowler artwork is a smaller version of an original artwork that I usually sell in 
Print form, known as "Cat's Eye Prowler, however I paint the stone versions in different colours.
Over the last 5 years I have produced about two dozen of these prowler stones and I have no 
plans to produce any more...and these are the last two I have .................................. each $85.00
blue prowler stone
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